The Importance of a Positive Ask

Are the asks you are writing creating positive connotations?

Was your last ask more likely to contain: “Do not waste time” or “Help us today”?  If your writing contains a lot of “no’s” and “not’s,” it’s a signal of negative writing.  Using positive language is a better way to promote your ideas. In the above example, “Help us today” is more persuasive because it makes readers feel good rather than admonished.

Here are five examples of negative sentences turned positive:

             1.We hope you will not be dis­appointed with the results.

             Positive: We hope you’ll be as pleased with the results as we are.

             2.Without proper planning, we will not be able to prevent overcrowding.

             Positive: We’re planning thoroughly in advance to keep the crowd to a manageable size.

             3.If you don’t like my suggestions, please contact me.

             Positive: Please contact me if you have any other suggestions. I’d welcome hearing them.

             4.Don’t ignore the issues; they’re important.

             Positive: You can make a difference by making this issue a priority.

             5.This project is going to be nearly impossible to do with you.

             Positive: I want this project to be successful, and to make sure it is, I need your help.

 Take-away: The old idiom, “It’s Easier to Catch Flies with Honey, Than with Vinegar” is 100% the guide to follow when writing for your nonprofit.

  — Adapted from Business Writing That Gets Results, David Silverman.

The Value of a Great Story: One Pound Wonders

The value of telling the story of your nonprofit is often overlooked and always under estimated.   The story is what engages people and gets them interested in learning more about your organization.  My sister is a great story-teller.  She recently entered a contest to increase Preemie Awareness, the challenge was to tell about your tiny heroes.  
Her story:
The One Pound Wonders came into this world 16 weeks early weighing a mere 1 lb 2 oz (Camdyn) and 1 lb 8 oz (Cade). From the first day of life, they had to valiantly fight off all the evil NICU villains, those malicious micro-preemie harmers – IVH, PDA, ROP, CLD, and the gang. After 133 days of continuous fighting, they left the NICU battlefield. The One Pound Wonders encountered still more battles. Cade used his magic g-tube portal to gain superhero strength to eventually conquer this evil enemy. Camdyn, although tiny, showed her fierce superhero powers to overcome this enemy on her own. The One Pound Wonders continue to gain strength and power in their superhero training camps, aka occupational, physical, and speech therapy weekly. They have left the world in awe of their amazing powers – the power to eat, breathe, walk, talk, and most importantly, live after being given only a 30-40% chance of surviving! The One Pound Wonders have proven to the world that miracles exist.To follow their progress, visit our blog at

Watch their incredible journey:

Although it would be a huge honor to be recognized as Preemies of the Year, we are entering the contest in hopes of being recognized with the Thundering Thurston award (entry with the most votes). We need your votes to help us achieve this. The amazing Thundering Thurston was in alliance with our One Pound Wonders in the same NICU. I am honored to be friends with Thurston’s incredible mother. We walked through our NICU journeys together supporting one another along the way. We would be so honored to win the Thundering Thurston award in memory of this amazing baby boy who touched the lives of so many.

The One Pound Wonders have demonstrated their superhuman powers with their strength – they had to to endure so much pain throughout their NICU journey, their endurance – they work so much harder to accomplish milestones that come easily to others, and their perseverance- they never gave up even though the odds were stacked strongly against them. They will continue to leave the world in awe and wonder at all they will accomplish!
Take-away: Please take a few seconds to vote for my niece and nephew, and think about how you can make your nonprofits story more engaging and compelling.

Moving my blog

When I started blogging, I named the blog Customer Experience 101.  Through the years it has evolved to a blog exclusively for the nonprofit sector, so I have decided it’s time for a new start.   If you enjoy this blog, I would encourage you to check out the other one by visiting

As time premits I will repost some of hte best blogs here as well!  I hope you enjoy reading, learning and participating in this one.