How to do a great video interview

Video interviews are a great way to get the google juices flowing and share a wealth of information.  Sadly for me, I loath myself on video.  However, it presents a great training opportunity.

See how many next times there are in this video and then scroll down to see if you got them all.

Lessons Learned

The did wells:

  • Good background–Charity Channel did a great job setting up a clean, clutter free background
  • Sound quality–Make sure you can hear the people speaking.  This was great considering the room was an area in a conference hall.
  • Interviewer–Make sure he/she knows what to ask.  Rod, the interview, was amazing.  Great voice, strong knowledge, prepared with good questions.
  • Have fun–When you are smiling and laughing your audience is more likely to feel good about what you are sharing.

The next times:

  • Get software you can easily edit–for example, when I said .org instead of .com that should have been edited.  No reason I should look so dumb.  🙂
  • Length–keep your videos short, ie edit them.   No one wants to watch anyone for 10 minutes on YouTube. 
  • No no, Um–Um, we all know not to use um.
  • Prepare— I had no idea what I was going to say.   Funny how we all have tons to say until we have a camera in our face.
  • Be still–I am always on overdrive, if you are high energy be careful not to move around.
  • Look at the camera–I know it feels strange not to look at the person doing the interview, but remember it is not about him/her.  It is for the people on the other side of the camera.

Take-away: Videos are a great social sharing tool for nonprofits and business.  Be sure to follow the tips above and you are sure to love the end result.

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