Nonprofit Lessons from Black Friday

My favorite (I say that about every holiday) holiday has come and gone.  Yes, I am one of those crazy shoppers who just after saying thanks for all of my blessings embarked upon a 13 hour shopping spree.  It has become a tradition with my family and I love the social aspect of it all; the great deals don’t hurt either.

My Daughter’s Inaugural Black Friday Trip

As I began to plan and prepare for the big day (a week ahead online) I was quickly overwhelmed by the volume of emails I received.  I am confident that I received over a hundred each day.  What surprised me most about this pre-week email onslaught was that I had not received one single email from any of the nonprofits I support.  I figured it must be in spam, but no indeed there was nothing.

Then the big day came, went, and cyber Monday was here.  Again, the emails flowed in and again, not a single email from any nonprofits.

Here’s an idea: if you are a nonprofit that serves children during the holidays, why not ask shoppers to pick up a few extra things for those in need.

Surely, there are nonprofits that sent things out around the big day.  I must have just missed them or maybe they are all waiting for today, Giving Tuesday.   Is your nonprofit doing something to raise awareness or funds today?


1. Make a Plan.  Year end fundraising right now, don’t miss the biggest fundraising opportunity of the year.

2. Jot it down.  Black Friday & Giving Tuesday will be here again before you know it.  These days presents a great opportunity to reach out to your donors that are in the spirit of spending, so don’t forget what could be an important ask for your nonprofit.

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