Food Truck for City Hall


Mobile City Hall

“In Boston, the mobile business craze is getting a civic twist with the city’s new “City Hall To Go” truck, a slick new motorized municipal office with a “menu” of common public services”, writes author Andrew Price of Fast Company.  He goes on to mention, “Residents can visit the truck to get a dog license, dispute a parking ticket, register to vote, and even get a birth certificate. Or they can just drop by to ask a question or register a complaint. The idea is to give residents face-to-face contact with their government without requiring them to trek to some central office. That means it could be especially useful for people who work long hours, have mobility issues, or live on the unconnected side of the digital divide.”

Take away: With the new year it is a great time for nonprofits and governments alike to try something new.  Why not try something like this?  Whether in a food truck, booths at local events, or in places that are commonly visited attempting to  bring your mission to where the people are can’t be a bad idea.  Way to go Boston!


Credit: Andrew Price writes about the future of the planet, among other things, for The Atlantic, Fast Company, and GOOD

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