Repost: How to Avoid the December Barrage

The article below is a repost from The Chronicle of Philanthropy.  It is a great article with data that I plan to use for coming presentations.  Sarah and I are of the same opinion, year-end fundraising is fantastic, but well thought out campaigns designed to stand out from the crowd are going to be the next big thing.  Check it out below or here.

How to Avoid the December Barrage

By Sarah Frostenson

Nearly $1 out of every $5 raised online comes from a donation made in December.

But Steve MacLaughlin, director of Idea Lab at Blackbaud, says that’s largely because most charities send their pitches that month, not because donors deliberately plan to give in December.

Why it’s worth sending appeals in other months: “With online giving, it’s going to become a big problem if everyone is flooding everyone’s inbox within the same period of time,” says Mr. Mac­Laughlin. “It will not have positive results. Organizations are much better off diversifying fundraising strategies throughout the year.”

Proof that appeals sent other times can work: Many colleges end their fiscal years in June and send lots of spring appeals seeking donations before July 1. That’s why the second-best month for online fundraising for education groups is June, Mr. MacLaughlin says.

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