How to create a nonprofit video on a tiny budget.

Animoto is one of my favorite tools.  Yes, I am aware that it has been available for some time, but it just keeps getting better and easier to use.

I am speaking as the keynote for Habitat for Humanity on Monday.  One of the tips I am recommending is using video to entice and engage volunteers.  I decided to make a quick example rather than just a recommendation.


Not even joking this video took me 6 minutes to make on Animoto.  I know it is not the world’s greatest video, but seriously…6 minutes.

All you need to do is drag 5-10 pictures to the desktop, add your logo, and a few text clips. Presto, you have a volunteer video.

If you have very limited time and budget, this is going to change your life.

Take-away: Video is great for your site, for engagement, and your budget using Animoto, so start creating.

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