Saying thank you before the year end cycle begins…

It is getting very close to year end giving campaigns. A very important step in that process is recognizing your donors and prospective donors before you begin another ask. Here are a few ideas for how you can say thank you to your donors:

Smaller Donors

For your smaller donors, I recommend a simple thank you note and social media post. I love custom thank you notes, but if you don’t have the budget for it, try something like these. They are super cute, and I love that they come with the envelope stickers. They make the note feel more special which is the entire goal.

Medium Donors

For your medium sized donors try something a little more special. I really love these little scented candles. You can have people on your staff or volunteers deliver them to your donors. They are very affordable, and deliver a very nice message of thanks. The gift is simply a nice leave behind, the important part of your visit is to see that person face to face and say thank you.

Large Donors

Your large donors require a bit more love! I recommend setting up time to meet with them in person to see what their why is for giving to your organization. Once you learn about the why, you can tailor your communications in your year end campaign around that message.

Here are few great ideas for thank yous at this level:

These are so cute and they are so cheap!!
My favorite is this journal and it’s so cheap!!
Love these!!

I love all three of these gifts. They are great for volunteers or donors, they have a very long life or they can be shared. My favorite is they journal because you can write a message in it to the person that they will see all year.

The gift is not the most important aspect of this exercise, so don’t get bogged down in choosing. The important part is that contact. Let your donors know that you are thinking about them when you are not asking for dollars. Let them know what is going on with your organization and the good work you have done this year. Let them know why they are important to you!

Share the successes you have had with thank yous below! XO!

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