Nonprofit Change Management Tips: KISS

One of the areas I advocate for the most in nonprofit management is surveying and making data driven decisions.  Often these types of activities result in the need for change.  Here are a few tips to keep at the top of your mind when you are getting ready to embark on change.

Tips for making change stick:

1.KISS- This is good advice for all things, but particularly in nonprofit management.  Start with the small things and don’t try to do everything at once.  Your success will most likely be linked to your managing the change piece by piece, not by overnight sensation.

2. KEEP IT MOVING- Constantly evaluate what is and what is not working.  Make changes if you need to make them.

3.KEEP IT TOGETHER- A united force from top to bottom is required for any successful change.  Meet with your teams regularly and see if there are obstacles that you can remove from them.  Your goal is to help your employees become more effective by sticking together.

4.KEEP IT FLOWING- Open conversation is at the heart of every successful change.  Speak to your team members about the change and make sure they know they can talk to you about how they are feeling with no ramifications.  Part if the change may be venting and/or celebrating.  Either way, be prepared to help your team with whatever may come by creating an environment of open communication.

5.KEEP EVERYONE INVOLVED- Getting everyone involved and involved early is key.  Having people at every level involved and let your team members have the freedom to make decisions on how best to implement the change.  Remember, you are all on the same team and keeping it that way will help immensely.

6.KEEP IT A SUCCESS- Remember that change takes time and may look like a failure before it looks like true success.  Celebrate the small victories early on and the big ones are sure to follow.

Take-away: Change is good!!!

Three fundraising lessons’s from Apple’s ipad

Raise Funds Faster than Apple Sells iPads

Apple’s iPad has more than 15 million customers, and I have joined the ranks of the 15 million.  I was convinced that I didn’t need an iPad, but now I am not sure how I will live without it.  

As nonprofits, I think we have an opportunity to start thinking more about how we can innovate and borrow best practices from those that are doing it well.   

Mind Map

1. Be cool!

iPads are undeniably the must have gadget of the young and the cool. They are easy to use and visually appealing.  We need to make sure that our organizations are attractive to younger generations. 

Organizations that are doing the work to appeal to younger generations are becoming wildly successful.   If you need an example just take a look at charity:water. They embody “cool”, and they are by no means the largest fundraiser in the space.  They are using their “cool” along with some fantastic marketing strategies to very successfully connect with GenX and GenY donors. 

2. Be fun!

The iPad is used about 1/3 of the time for games.  It is alluring to step into the shoes of a race car driver or a super hero even if it is only for a few minutes. Think about how to make your next event, program, or project fun.  Is there a way you can turn your giving program into a game?

3. Be Shareable!

The Ipad makes it easy to share information. You should do the same for your organization.

Nonprofits can use simple tools like forward to a friend in emails or share in social media icons.   Tools like Sage Fundraising Online shown above allows supporters to promote their fundraising efforts through Facebook and other social networks; or let supporters embed a form directly into their personal website or blog with a simple copy and paste. 

All of these options allow your advocates to share information about your organization easily, just like the iPad!

Take-away: Think of ways you can be cool, fun, and share more with your constituents, and for more tips and to download the full presentation and mindmap visit my slide share account @ “Ipad Like Innovation for Nonprofits.”

Engaging Donors in an Online Age

Tuesday, I will be presenting at Emerge 2012.  The presentation will focus on how nonprofits can engage with their donors online.  The crux of the presentation revolves around three key aspects:

1. Listen– To be successful online nonprofits need to invest time in listening to their constituents, and engaging in authentic conversations.   By listening and engaging online nonprofits can create a 1:1 conversation with their donors in a 1:many environment.  

2. Learn– Nonprofit organizations should invest time and money in their online programs.  They should optimize their websites, create engaging donation forms, invest in integrated programs that include online elements, and they should make sure that their online story is just as (or more) engaging than their in person story.

3. Make in Easy- It is critical that organizations make it easy to engage online.  If the basics are covered, they should all be writing blogs, joining forums, providing RSS feeds, and participating in social media.  Thus making it genuinely easy (and fun if possible) to interact with their organization online.

Take-away: Check out the entire presentation, and please share some of the tips that you are utilizing to engage with your donors online.

Check out the entire presentation to learn more tips and tricks for engaging your donors online.

Engaging Donors in an Online Age on Prezi