Engaging Donors in an Online Age

Tuesday, I will be presenting at Emerge 2012.  The presentation will focus on how nonprofits can engage with their donors online.  The crux of the presentation revolves around three key aspects:

1. Listen– To be successful online nonprofits need to invest time in listening to their constituents, and engaging in authentic conversations.   By listening and engaging online nonprofits can create a 1:1 conversation with their donors in a 1:many environment.  

2. Learn– Nonprofit organizations should invest time and money in their online programs.  They should optimize their websites, create engaging donation forms, invest in integrated programs that include online elements, and they should make sure that their online story is just as (or more) engaging than their in person story.

3. Make in Easy- It is critical that organizations make it easy to engage online.  If the basics are covered, they should all be writing blogs, joining forums, providing RSS feeds, and participating in social media.  Thus making it genuinely easy (and fun if possible) to interact with their organization online.

Take-away: Check out the entire presentation, and please share some of the tips that you are utilizing to engage with your donors online.

Check out the entire presentation to learn more tips and tricks for engaging your donors online.

Engaging Donors in an Online Age on Prezi

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