A tiny bit of thanks to the Nonprofit World!

I have always been in awe of the amazing things the nonprofit world accomplishes.  Together we are able to provide basic necessities, help people through disaster, care for those whom others have tossed aside, and on and on and on. 

Two years ago, my sister delivered my niece and nephew in emergency pre-term labor at just a day into 24 weeks.  Her story is amazing to read.  This morning when I woke and realized that our (I call them mine all the time, because I love them so much…I wish they were mine.) babies were two.  I broke down in tears of joy.   The harsh reality is they should not have survived.  In addition, the odds of them developing a million terrible side effects between birth and two were not on our side of the court.   But, here we are today with two (almost) perfectly healthy two-year olds.  It is such a miracle!

Camdyn then:    


Camdyn now:


Cade then:

Cade now:

With the help of dedicated nurses and doctors, ground-breaking research, and some amazing nonprofits we all made it through this traumatic experience with a very positive outcome. 

Take-away: Thank-you to all the people and nonprofit organizations that made my two tiny 1 pound miracles into a great big, arms full, kissy faced reality.  Please, take a moment today to thank a nonprofit that has changed your life.

One thought on “A tiny bit of thanks to the Nonprofit World!

  1. Yes they are miracle babies, it’s a miracle they pulled through and are now two years old. I just saw pictures of them the other day at their granny’s hair shop and they are growing by leaps and bounds, each day they grow stronger, healthier and more loved than one can imagine. I have to say that God had every intention for these two to live, why, we don’t know, but It was in his plan, they were always in his hands… I call it “Miracles by God.” He is an Awesome God.

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