The Best $29 Add-On Ever

Today I was asked if I knew of an easier way to remove duplicates from the numerous spreadsheets nonprofit accountants and fundraisers use?

As a matter of fact, I do.  My very favorite add-on of all time is made by Able Bits, and it changed my life. 🙂

Their Duplicate Remover tool lets you remove duplicates from your Microsoft Excel 2010 worksheets or find unique entries in your tables in a breeze (and it really is a breeze).  You can also:

  • Instant search to remove duplicates in 1 Excel table.
  • Use step-by-step wizard to find all Excel duplicates in 2 spreadsheets with different number of columns.  (This feature makes it easy to match constituents.  For example: Assume you had a list of people who donated, but you only had the email address.  With this tool you could match the email only list to your complete donor list to help fill in the blanks on the email list in seconds.)
  • Choose one or several columns for comparison.
  • Delete all duplicated rows; select and color found entries or add a status column; copy or move dupes to another location (I love this feature too.  Let’s assume we have two lists of donors from two events and we want to see how many match.  This feature allows us to compare the two lists and move all the matches to a new location.  In seconds, we end up with all of the donors that were on both lists in a new separate list to follow-up with.  AWESOME!!!)

This tool is a must have time saver for those nonprofit professionals trying to match one list to another for events, solicitations, analysis, and more.

Take-away:  Try the Duplicate Remover for free here!

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