Donor Loyalty Study, 2013

The 2013 Sage Insights Survey on Donor Loyalty is now available.   The study conducted by Sage Nonprofit Solutions has some very interesting findings that are sure to bring value to any nonprofit organization.Having had the pleasure of being a contributor to the study I was overwhelmed by the number of participants.  Loyalty continues to be a key theme for nonprofits and a driving force for development professionals.

Ironically, the study found that 67% of the people surveyed are not surveying their own donors.  I find it hard to believe that organizations, especially growing ones can reach their full potential without asking how they can get better and what they are doing well.  For me, surveying is always the thing I recommend an organization start with.  Donor/member feedback, should serve as your guiding light.

I was delighted to find that hand written thank-you notes reigned as the king of loyalty.  I have said it before and I will say it again, the value of a hand written thank-you cannot be over exaggerated.

The study goes on to share examples of what organizations are and aren’t doing today to ensure loyalty, and for those of you that penwere wondering, the most utilized give-away was none other than the classic pen.  My guess is the low-cost and  practicality make it the big winner.

In reviewing the study, I was most shocked to find 29% of nonprofits are doing nothing when a donor lapses.  This is good and bad news.  Great news for those of us looking for new donors and bad news for those of us failing to follow-up.

Overall, the study reveals numerous interesting facts and ideas for how your organization can insure that loyalty is a driving force.

Take-away: Check out the full survey, and see what your organization can do to improve loyalty.

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