The Power of the Survey & Sample Questions

I am currently working with a nonprofit in an attempt to build a better brand, and I had the opportunity to interview some of their clients.  What an amazing and inspirational moment that was.  During the interview, the client said to me that without the organization he/she felt isolated and trapped.  How powerful is that?  I went through the nonprofit website and nowhere do they mention solving this emotional aspect of the clients they serve.

My point is this: Have you surveyed your donors or clients lately?  And when I say survey, I mean have you truly discussed the value of your organization in their eyes?  Here are some great survey questions that you can use and discuss with your employees, donors, and clients.

Sample Survey Questions:

1. Which nonprofit comes to mind first when you think of (fill in what you do)?

2. Which other nonprofits come to mind?

3. Are you aware of (fill in your nonprofit)?

4. What three words best describe (your nonprofit)?

5. How likely are you to ask a friend to make a donation to (your nonprofit)?

6. What would happen if (your nonprofit) ceased to exist?

Question#4 & #6 are great discussion questions.
Take-away: If you have not already, start surveying.  And, when you do survey take time to also discuss those questions with a handful of people that are important to your organization.  It may just find the one thing that sets you apart from everyone else!

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