5 Tips to Make Good Events, GREAT!

I am in recovery mode from a GREAT event yesterday.  In the midst of the event, someone asked me how I do it?  Thought I might share a few tips:

STEP 1- PANIC- no great event ever happened without a panic prior to the event.  GREAT event panics occur 4-5 days ahead of the event though. As a result, you have time to solve the issue.  For every event I host, I prepare as though the event is scheduled to occur 2 days before the actual event.  This allows time to relax before event day and handle any last-minute changes.

STEP 2- CHECK & DOUBLE CHECK- Great event planners don’t rely on others for success.  I always call and email everyone involved in my events 1 week and then again 1 day prior to the event.  Assume everyone is just as busy as you are.

STEP 3- INFORM- Make sure your guest know what to expect.  Prepare agendas, let them know the basic details, and share details like how to dress, how to learn more, etc…

STEP4- OVER DELIVER- After you set the expectation (STEP 3). Deliver a bonus.  It can be anythinga goody bag, a surprise guest, a pillow chocolategoing the extra mile insures the guest will return again and again.

STEP 5- SURVEY- Every GREAT event has room for improvement.  Survey your guests and find out how you can get better.  This is probably the most important (most often forgotten) step and helps insure future success.

Take-away: Have fun turning your good events into GREAT events, and feel free to share any tips you might have.

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