Year End Fundraising Appeal Template

What are you waiting for?  10% of all online giving for the year occurs on December 29, 30 and 31 with nearly 30% of all giving taking place in December. Take advantage of the most profitable time of the year. Send two to three fundraising appeals to ensure your organizations success in 2019. Your appeal should be concise, simple, and include a call to action.

  • Focus on results
  • Tell a compelling story about the work you are doing
  • Create a call to action

Get started!

Subject line: The subject line should be short and compelling. It should emphasize the time-sensitive nature of your message. Examples: “Give before it’s too late” tests very well. Use this tool to evaluate the best subject line for your org.  40% or higher is a good subject line.

Greeting: Try to, use the recipient’s name, and make sure it is spelled correctly.


Web tip– Include an example of how the monies will benefit your organization.

Message: Remind donors that any donation they give by December 31 is tax-deductible.

Donation link: Include the link to send donors directly to your online donation page & make sure that page share’s what the donor is getting for the donation. List the link (for example: “”) this allows donors to click through or copy and paste it.

Call to Action:
Tell donors why they should donate to you. For example: “Your gift of
$20 by December 31 can provide clean drinking water to one person. Please give now.”

Thank the reader and sign a real person’s name.  I really like these letters to include a personal message of how the individual has already helped or given if possible. Then wrap the letter with how they can contact the organization.

Take-away: It’s not too late for a year end fundraising campaign…start today!

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