HELP! My Board is Not Engaged

Can you give me some ideas to help with my board, they just seem disinterested?  How do I get a more engaged board?  How do I get my board to do something?  When I hear that a board is disengaged or ineffective, I often begin with this question “how are your board members recruited?” You have probably heard fire fast, hire slow.  The board member selection process is the same.  The easier the process the less engaged the board member.  I recommend, a solid process, setting specific expectations, and diligent communication all designed to aid in the creation of a true partnership.
If you are having challenges with board engagement, it might be time to look at your processes.   Here are a few things to think about.
Do you have:
  • a board-skills matrix that can be used to align candidates with the competencies needed to balance your board?
  • guidelines for appropriate committee deliberations regarding confidentiality, rumors, and innuendo?
  • an application form for potential board candidates?
  • a sample matrix used to score multiple board candidates according to the skills, experience, competencies and geographical regions needed for your board?
  • a list of questions and a detailed guide to use when interviewing board candidates.
There are so many resources available to help with developing these processes.  This new book is one great resource, “Recruit the Right Board: Proven Processes for Selecting Critical Competencies.” In addition, I love almost everything Board Source produces.
Take-away: The time is now!  Everything in your organization begins and ends with a strong board.  Check out these resources, and if you still need help contact me.

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